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Pre App Query

This is not a consumer advertisement. It is intended for professional advisers only and should not be relied upon by private customers or any other person.

To help us provide you with the best service possible, and to ensure we fully understand your enquiry, please complete this questionnaire. You will find the answer to most queries by reading our Lifetime Mortgage Suitability Criteria so please refer to this before submitting a query.

This questionnaire is not a requirement before you submit an application. Once completed it will be reviewed by Legal & General Home Finance and you will receive an email response to your query as soon as we can.

This will not form a legally binding commitment. We are responding to your query without access to the additional details which are necessary for our underwriters to make a binding decision. Our decision to lend will be based upon the completion of an application form and satisfactory valuation.

Adviser / Intermediary Details


Please confirm you have read our Property Suitability Criteria and our Applicant/Occupancy Suitability Criteria which are also available on our Adviser website. (If you have not reviewed our criteria, please review them prior to submitting your query.)

You won't be able to proceed unless this statement is correct.

Applicant(s) Age(s)

Please provide the current age(s) of the applicant(s)

Another Provider Application

Has the applicant recently applied for a Lifetime Mortgage with another provider?

Applicant(s) Concerns

Please detail any concerns relating to the applicants eligibility? (e.g. adverse credit)

Property Details

Please provide the address for the property suitability query (only provide address if you have a query regarding the suitability of the security property)

Previous Equity Release Provider Refusal

Has the property been refused by an Equity Release provider previously?

Property Suitability

Do you have concerns relating to property suitability? (e.g. grade 2 listed, non-standard construction, partial flat roofed, above/adjacent to commercial property etc.)

Previous Valuation

Has the property been valued in the last 6 months (please specify)

Property Flat Status

Is the property a flat? (If yes, please check our property suitability criteria relating to flats)

Property Build Year

Primary Residence

Is this the client's primary residence?

Other Resident(s)

Does anyone else other than the client reside at the property?

Property Tenure

What is the tenure of the property?

Annual Service Charge/Ground Rent

Does the property have an annual service charge or ground rent?

Standard Construction

Is the property a standard construction i.e. Brick and Tile?

Property Condition


Are there any restrictions/limitations over the property? (e.g. are there any covenants, agricultural ties or age restrictions)

Annex, self-contained living accommodation, or tenants

Is there an annex, self-contained living accommodation, or tenants living in the property?

Ex-local Authority

Is the property an ex-local authority property?

Commercial Activities

Are any commercial activities undertaken within the property or the land surrounding it?